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About Us


We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner and support company values of customer commitment, quality, honesty, integrity, respect and accountability. Given the industry in which we operate, we strive to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct.

We aim to be bold and innovative in the development, presentation and advancement of industry required and demanded training and services, while supporting sustainability, affordability and improvement of the HSEQ community of clients and service providers as a whole.

We have highly competent and experienced employees and partners, enabling our business, to meet the growing needs of its client base through exceptional service and experienced resources, particularly given the increased pressure on companies to comply with occupational health, safety and environmental legislation.

We aim to assist our own employees to pursue growth and development through learning and observation and to always be ready to embrace and drive change for their own and the company’s benefit.

Training Vision

As on occupational health, safety and environmental training provider we aim to be an industry pillar, promoting the uncompromising commitment to health and safety of all individuals in the workplace as well as the community and the preservation of the environment for future generations.Through adult learning and offering skills development and education in the health, safety, environmental and quality field, our aim is to provide the relevant knowledge, support and guidance to our students while motivating them to demonstrate leadership and responsibility while actively participating in adherence to legal requirements and HSEQ standards and procedures in the workplace.

Training Mission

To work in partnership with individuals and businesses to inspire positive and responsible attitudes to health and safety through the provision of information and training.To develop an awareness of the relationship between health, safety, the environment and sustainability that will encourage the inclusion of health, safety and protection of the environment as an intrinsic element of working.Achieving significant growth as a training provider by developing and continuously improving our capabilities and delivering professional value-added services and solutions to clients through sustainable relationships.

To become the choice training provider in the health, safety and environmental industry while creating a solid education and skills base as a foundation for legislative compliance, continuous improvement, infrastructural development and economic empowerment.

Our Promise

Retention of clients and generating repeat revenue through:

  • On-time and quality delivery of services at all times
  • Adherence to training and post-training service timelines
  • Solving customer issues within 48 hours of the customer’s initial contact Improving product quality and functionality, decreasing prices and improving service quality and convenience
  • Improve our company’s capabilities for serving the market and its interests through learning or innovation goals which:
  • Identifies, rectifies and improves any minor product which will help us attain our financial, market and reputational objectives.
  • To meet staffing needs the company will actively recruit skilled and competent workers and service partners into the organization.
  • Maintain a productive and positive employee environment which improves employee retention
  • Improve employee productivity and work quality by implementing a company-wide training and skills development programme
  • Preparing our organization for growth and creating processes that effectively deals with a developing marketplace.
  • The objective of change management is to create a dynamic organization that is prepared to meet the challenges of your industry through change and growth.
We will strive to maintain our image and goodwill in the market in order to have the community, industry and customers view us favourably. For this purpose, we will comply with moral, ethical and legal standards, and let these compliances be known to relevant stakeholders.

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